An All-New, Post-Apocalyptic Deckbuilding Game With Intense Lane-Based Combat

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Battle Within a Lane-Based Combat Field

Players take turns attacking their opponent, fortifying their enclave, and searching the Dunes to acquire new and powerful characters to join their fight.

Defeat your opponent by crippling their authority, and do it quickly -- your opponent will only grow stronger the longer you let them live. Unfortunately, they know it too.

Fortify To Survive

Plan your defense and secure the walls of your enclave -- positioning will be key to thwarting your opponent’s attacks. Lay traps with the strategic placement of your reserves and build tactical advantages with your synergies to provide bonuses to your units.

Manage your factions and abilities to create unique combinations.

Acquire Units From The Dunes

Seek out new characters and wall defenses by trekking out into the Dunes. Be careful, though: you will have to decide just how deep into the Dunes you want to go, as you must commit resources to the excursion before you set off.

Players search the Dunes and recruit the characters they find with promises of shelter, survival, and -- for the bold -- glory.

Recruit Heroes From 4 Different Starting Factions

The Delvers are hard-bitten survivors whose ancestors helped run a large mining operation.  They survived The Calamity by hunkering down in the mines and repurposing mining equipment to suit their needs.

The Delvers only venture outside their endless warren of caves and mine shafts in order to find and retrieve resources.  On the rare occasion they allow themselves to be discovered, they tend to come back with whoever or whatever discovered them so they can be put to work for the good of the group.

The Mercenaries are willing to sell their services to the highest bidder. They are descended from a collection of military members and law enforcement officers that banded together shortly after the Calamity. Much of their training was passed down through the generations and has since been honed and adapted by near-constant warfare and conflict. Their gear is in the best shape, and they know how to use it.  

The demand for skilled mercenaries is the highest it's been in centuries, and these guys trademarked the name, so they must be good.

The Ravagers are a barbaric group of survivors that all share a common circumstance – they were exiled from their former groups. In most cases, this was because they were too violent and dangerous to live side-by-side.

The Ravagers thrive on the gleeful cannibalization of old world technology to suit their needs – needs which almost always consist of hurting people and protecting themselves (so they can continue hurting people). These madmen and madwomen are generally covered from head to toe in varying proportions of scrap metal, scrap weapons, and blood.

The Splinters are less a specific faction and more a typical group of survivors that might have banded together two hundred years following a nearly successful extinction-level biological event.

They are any enclave of post-apocalyptic survivors that has had to scrounge a living off the fading technology of the old world. They are grungy, callous, hardworking, harsh people with survival instincts that never switch off.

Survive & Conquer A Mad World Splintered By Calamity
Splintered Lands is set in an alternate Earth 200 years into the future. Humanity has been largely destroyed thanks to the sinister machinations of an international corporation.  Allowed to amass power unchecked, they manufactured and distributed a biological extinction agent, resulting in the near wholesale destruction of the human population.  In its wake a small chosen segment of humanity lives in doomed, locked down, utopian cities.

In the years initially following the calamity, the few who lived outside the domes were plunged into a world that was ravenous, splintered, and visceral.  In order to survive they became the most rugged and stubborn individuals the human race had left to offer. They were pioneers, killers, madmen, and visionaries. They were survivors.

Many set out to wander the Splintered Lands in search of a place to start fresh. Some went alone, but others found strength in numbers. These groups searched out places to build what life they might from the bones of the old world, creating their own enclaves.

Two hundred years later, their descendants have realized that there aren’t enough resources left from the old world to sustain the growing factions of survivors. And following that revelation...war.

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